Digital Lock: Boost Your Security At Home

Digital door locks are an advanced and efficient way of keeping the home secure and safe. Although there are some considerations, it is essential to research and look for a suitable security system that can cater to your needs at home. Digital locks are a hot and new trend in home security, which offers convenience, like remote monitoring and unlocking.

Fumbling for keys at night no more with the newest digital lock promotion singapore. With anything internet-connected, security is a concern.

How to protect digital locks from hacking

If digital locks can be hacked, there is a way to protect it. Here is a list to protect from hacking, such as:

  • Buy from reputable companies. Buyers loved a good deal, but when speaking of digital locks, security must be the top priority. The home is your castle, so never let a tempting price compromise its security. You may invest in high-quality digital locks from a reliable brand. Haven and peace of mind are priceless.
  • Use 2-factor authentication. You may think of a 2FA or 2-factor authentication as a superhero sidekick for a digital lock. It can add extra security to keep pesky hackers. Here is the gist:
    • 2 steps to stop break-ins. Two-factor authentication requires two verification methods to unlock the door. Imagine needing a fingerprint scan and a password; this doubled the hurdle of intruders.
    • Hackers left in the cold. The two-pronged approach makes it much harder for hackers to crack your system. Even if they steal a piece of your info like a password, they can’t bypass the extra verification step.

Two-factor authentication is a powerful security tool that boosts the digital lock’s defenses. A lot of digital locks will offer a 2FA compatibility, to ensure the option for an extra layer of peace of mind.


  • Stronger password. Digital locks are great, yet depend on one vital element to keep the home safe: a lengthy strong password. Here is why complex passwords are a best friend to you.
  • Length is strong. Like a high wall to deter burglars, longer passwords make hackers work harder. You may think at least 16 characters; the more, the safer.
  • Outstanding brute force. Imagine a hacker trying hard every single key combination to open the door, it is a brute force attack. A short password makes it a breeze, but a lengthy one frustrates the effort, which gives time to call authorities. Never be a password lightweight. You must choose a complete and long password for a digital lock. You can think of a mix of different characters, such as:
    • lowercase and uppercase letters
    • numbers
    • symbols

Can digital locks be hacked?

Yes, digital locks can be at risk of hacking, but there are ways to avoid this. Researchers continually test digital locks for exposure which can be a threat to hacking.