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Is it possible to get banned from Amazon?

Amazon lifetime bans for fraud, code of conduct violations, persistent poor performance, or chronic policy infractions have grown increasingly regular in the recent year. Amazon established new “abuse prevention” teams to track down and terminate bad behaviour by sellers who are seeking to defraud buyers, harm other sellers, mislead consumers, or otherwise disrupt Amazon’s marketplace. Some vendors’ accounts are permanently terminated for attempting to defraud the firm through illegal credit card use, employing a range of illegitimate, black hat, and fraudulent practises. Despite the numerous bogus promises made by marketers in Google advertising or so-called expert publications, not every suspension can be reversed. At this time if you lose your account you can get back your account, so click here.

Do If Your Amazon Account Is Suspended

  • Some account deletions are permanent bans for good reason: Amazon does not trust the account administrators with other marketplace stakeholders. If they feel you will just breach rules and regulations again, they will lean on the side of not giving you another opportunity.
  • You cannot avoid a suspension by just establishing a new account. No new accounts can be requested or tried until the initial suspension is lifted. To help you from this you can click here, so that they will know what actually to do to get back your account.
  • While some black hat firms educate sellers how to utilise “stealth” accounts to start new undiscovered accounts or create unlawful multiple accounts, we do not support these Amazon policy breaches or abuses.
  • They frequently result in lifelong bans from the marketplace. For a genuine reinstatement, we propose resolving past account flaws or performance issues and properly appealing with a solid POA.
  • Amazon lets vendors to appeal ASIN bans and includes email contacts for sending your POA in their outgoing communications. When performance or policy teams remove their ASINs, sellers can create new, fresh emails and appeals into the main Seller Performance queues.
  • If your listing is deactivated due to a technical problem or a catalogue error, file Trouble tickets with catalogue teams or Brand Registry. Many vendors are new to Amazon and are perplexed as to how they failed the account registration procedure.